Friday, March 6, 2009

Online Ticket And Infomation

Online ticket exchanges and marketplaces have taken over from the direct sale model as the ‘you order / we send’ interface has proven problematic and ineffectual. This departure has opened online ticket brokering up to the world of social marketing and the online community as a cultural space. Ticketing sites will provide blogs, forums, RSS, video and other media beside the events listed on their marketplace. This changes the feel of a site from being a purely commercial place to more of a meeting place for fans. It seems that for sites like The Online Ticket Exchange, SeatWave , See Tickets, (Netherlands), or, this has been an effective strategy for winning consumer trust.

The way the ticket exchange model works is by allowing people with extra tickets to sell them on to those people who want them. The company plays the role of mediator, guaranteeing delivery of tickets, ensuring against fraudulence and creatively updating their website.

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